What’s new in 7.00 firmware release

The version of the v7.00 firmware contains major iPoll protocol changes (upgrade to iPoll 2). The upgrade of this version will influence on established iPoll link, consequently the existing link between AP iPoll and Station will be lost. In order to prevent the loss of connection with a Remote side, firstly upgrade the Remote unit, only then a Local unit.

(Note: in order to simplify upgrading process, it is recommended, before upgrading this firmware with major iPoll changes, to turn off iPoll (change operating mode from Access Point iPoll to an Access Point (auto WDS)).


  1. Added iPoll 2 compatibility with LigoDLB
  2. Added Enterprise WPA/WPA2 and UAM security modes on Access Point Repeater
  3. Added SSID failover option
  4. Added DFS compatibility with LigoDLB
  5. Added Statistics compatibility with LigoDLB
  6. Added Peer connection status in Wireless Statistics Tab


  1. Fixed “$” sign duplication in text fields


  1. Improved connected clients statistics collection
  2. Improved ipoll 2 stability with 30+ connected stations
  3. Improved PPPoE stability in low link quality
What’s new in 5.95-1 firmware release
  • Added a slider to balance between sensitivity and noise immunity
  • Added an option to specify a range of ports in port forwarding.
  • Added an option to close wireless session from RADIUS (RADIUS initiated disconnect) on WPA/WPA2-Enterprise
  • Added a counter of radar detections into file
  • Fixed L3 QoS when data is encapsulated in VLAN and CoS=0
  • Fixed Ethernet manual speed issue on APC 5M v2/3 products (FWBD-1100, FWBD-1101)
  • Fixed SNMP daemon crash issue
  • Fixed expired DHCP leases representation issue
  • Fixed “&” symbols issue in WNMS heartbeat
What’s new in 5.95 firmware release
  • Added QoS functionality into iPoll protocol
  • Added support for new frequency range of 4780-6100 MHz (APC-5M V3 Series, APC ECHO 5, APC Propeller 5)
  • Added Guest account
  • Improved web authentication
  • Improved the CLI (added additional commands)
  • Increased max allowed wireless ACL list size to 256 MACs
  • Updated Belgium regulatory rules
  • tcpdump added into products with 16 MB flash
  • Fixed GUI issue when SSID has symbol ” (quote)
  • Fix device upgrade issues when radio reboots instead of firmware upgrade
What’s new in 5.94-7 firmware release
  • Ipoll management frame optimization

What’s new in 5.94-6 firmware release

This firmware brings TFTP recovery feature to APC-2M, APC-5M, APC-5M V2 product lines.

  • Repeater and main interfaces have different configuration options
  • Added option to disable AutoBA session
  • Added option to change NAS ID in RADIUS MAC Authentication and WPA Enterprise configuration
  • Device name is reported to Ubnt and Mikrotik devices
  • Updated regulatory database for AU country
  • Improved auto-channel logic during DFS event
  • Increased allowed port range in port-forward to 65535
  • Increased traffic shaping burst value to 10240 KB (10 MB)
  • Troubleshoot file includes last kernel crash log ( available on APC-2M & APC-5M V2 product lines, Propeller 2/5, MACH 5, ECHO 5, Button)
  • Fixed wireless driver crash caused by change of a country code
  • Fixed DFS issues when only one channel is in the list
  • Fixed max EIRP issues after DFS event
  • Fixed Data rate fallback problem where station  never got back from the lowest data rate to higher one
  • Fixed High contrast view issue where some buttons turned into black color.
  • Updated regulatory database for GB, BE, BH
  • Improved recovery algorithm
  • Increased WACL MAC list number from 64 to 128
  • Fixed DMZ operation on PPPoE client
  • Fixed IP address offering on UAM
  • Fixed management VLAN on repeater
  • Fixed button names on UAM settings
  • Fixed ARP-NAT issue with Draytek router
  • Fixed APC station connection issue with Mikrotik AP when broadcast SSID is disabled
  • Fixed gateway warning issue on APC router with PPPoE
  • Fixed input field issue with double symbol “$$”
  • Fixed real data rate report via SNMP
What’s new in 5.94-3 firmware release
  • Added Ethernet port status indication on GUI
  • Added serial number representation on GUI
  • Added third party AP support on repeater in bridge mode (using ARP-NAT)
  • ATPC is available on iPoll only
  • Fixed channel changing issue from N40- to N40+ on repeater
  • Fixed iPoll management frames MCS dependence from radio mode MIMO/SISO
What’s new in 5.94-2 firmware release
  • Added 128 stations support on iPoll for products APC 5M V2 series, Propeller 2/5 (radios with 64 MB RAM)
  • Added robust link stability module per station
  • Updated high interference indication bar
  • Updated frequency limitation for Bahrain
  • Updated frequency limitation for New Zealand
  • Updated frequency limitation for Denmark
  • Fixed A-MSDU handling issue
  • Fixed IP alias problem on AP repeater in router mode
  • Fixed CLI command, which shows wireless peer on station
  • Fixed CLI does not list instant changes made in GUI problem
  • Fixed wireless clients listing on repeater + VAP
  • Fixed discard button issue
  • Fixed signal level report per chain via SNMP
What’s new in 5.94 firmware release
  • Added Link test option in GUI
  • Added DHCP Relay Agent on option 82 for device and location info
  • Added new frequency range 2300~2350 MHz for Deliberant APC-2M series
  • Added max data rate option for autorate
  • Added radius accounting support
  • Added WNMS test button
  • Added basic CLI commands to configure radio
  • Added warning message if high interference is detected
  • Added station fallback to 1mbps in b/g/n mixed mode
  • Added option to select dBm or RSSI for antenna alignment
  • Improved CPU load calculation
  • Improved scan time on Station mode
  • Improved station router fallback from router to bridge mode (now goes back to station instead of AP mode)
  • Improved average RSSI calculation
  • Improved auto channel to find channel faster
  • Fixed statsd daemon is randomly crashing
  • [Propeller, Button only] Fixed firmware recovery issues
  • Fixed Arpnat + data VLAN issues
  • Fixed statistics daemon error printing verbose level
  • Fixed SSID and Friendly name issues when special symbols ( “< > ‘ \”) are used
  • Fixed Min client signal logic in repeater mode
  • Fixed MCS Fallback is always aggressive problem
  • Fixed AP won’t MAC (re)authenticate client after WAN gets DHCP offer
  • Fixed statsd issues when opearting in iPoll mode
  • Fixed login to ssh when there’s no config file on device
  • Fixed MAC auth failure to disable on Ipoll AP
What’s new in 5.93-1 firmware release
  • Added Automatic switch between iPoll and 11n at CPE
  • Added client isolation option in iPoll mode
  • Ability to add/remove vlan tags on wireless interface in station mode (5.93 version added/removed tags on the ethernet)
  • Improved message handling in GUI then something is changed
  • Secondary IP is always on wired side/interface
  • Improved check for the same IP subnet in DHCP client fallback (on WAN) and LAN option
  • Do not show “Save&Aplly” message if delayed reboot enabled
  • Added check if secondary IP does not overlap with WAN IP address
  • Added possibility to select/copy MAC and IP fields in tables
  • Fixed encryption bug in station mode when changing from AP with wpa2-psk security to wpa2-enterprise
  • Fixed SNR calculation issues
  • Fixed problem when No “Save&Apply” message appears after enabling/disabling non-standard channels
What’s new in 5.93 firmware release
  • Added Linktest support via SSH for iPoll and WiFi modes
  • Added WPA Enterprise support for iPoll mode
  • Added Radius MAC authentication
  • Added SNR information indication
  • Added option to disable radio manage
  • ment over wireless (bridge mode)
  • Updated default configuration settings (BA window size, ATPC, Client isolation)
  • Changed country code name from “FYR of Macedonia” to “Macedonia”
  • Added antenna gain input values validation
  • Aligned legends in throughput graphs
  • Disabled ATPC frame transmission on AP to non-Deliberant clients
  • Disabled BA session initialization on AP, when client goes into Sleep mode
  • Improved special symbols handling in location and device name fields
  • Improved AP driver iPoll robustness when Station periodically disconnects
  • Reduced RTS/short/long retry limits to improve throughput when AP is working with low signal clients
  • Channel bandwidth forced to change to 20MHz if changed country regulatory DB doesn’t support 40MHz
  • Improved iPoll wireless driver robustness
  • Improved Auto-rate algorithm
  • Increased maximum pass-through packet size to 1800 bytes
  • Hidden IGMP snooping debug messages
  • Fixed WEB browser redirect issues to login page after FW upgrade
  • Fixed Channel loading issues when pressing Discard button in GUI
  • Fixed IEEE mode setting after the disclaimer note. By default IEEE mode is set to 11a/n or 1b/g/n
  • Fixed race-condition issues when loading resources in GUI
What’s new in 5.92 firmware release
  • Added non standard channel support.
  • Added Noise Immunity mode for iPoll.
  • Added max client limitation option for AP mode.
  • Added Ethernet “Auto negotiation” and “Fixed” speed control.
  • Added device status indication using LED – Booting/Reboot/Upgrade.
  • Added router mode support for repeater mode.
  • Added Togo and Costa Rica countries to regulatory DB.
  • Improved AP wireless driver performance when handling “dead” clients.
  • Improved statistics daemon.
  • Improved SSID display in “Repeater information” section.
  • Improved ACK timeout selection.
  • Improved RX statistics in Station mode.
  • Improved validation rules for UAM and alias IP.
  • Added 40MHz channel above/below information to status tab.
  • Improved static routes validation.
  • Improved GUI usability issues when configuring management VLAN.
  • Improved Country code selection usability.
  • Added information about indoor/outdoor channels.
  • Increased configurable SSID length to 32 symbols.
  • Improved AP handling power saving clients.
  • Updated frequency lists and transmit power for Chile, Germany, Indonesia, Russia.
  • Added option to forbid IP broadcast.
  • Fixed iPoll “stuck packet” issue.
  • Fixed dBm display in status tab when working in Station mode.
  • Changed Country name into two letter code only. Fixes long country name display issues.
  • Fixed client connection issues when working in Repeater mode.
  • Fixed Wireless status indication issues.
  • Fixed syslog rebooting issues when making instant changes.
  • Fixed display problem of Wireless page after adding or deleting a VAP.
  • Fixed WPA Enterprise issue with Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Limited VAP count to 7 for 2GHz products. Repeater mode takes one VAP.
What’s new in 5.91 firmware release
New products support: APC 2M-8L
  • Added Repeater (WDS) mode support
  • Add Fixed BSSID Feature for CPE
  • Added wider frequency range support for 2.4GHz products (2.352-2.557GHz)
  • Added IGMP snooping on AP Router mode
  • Added IGMP proxy in Router mode
  • Added Ping/reboot watchdog
  • Added booting/firmware upgrade/reset LED indication
  • Added option to select WEP key index
  • Changed default TX power level to 25dBm
  • Added improvements to iPoll protocol to prevent “stuck” problem
  • Improved MAX allowed Tx power conversion from W to dBm
  • Improved CPU load indication
  • Added auto update UAM configuration from server
  • Added auto update UAM black-list and white-list from server
  • Added user logout URL (e.g. ap.logout)
  • Added remote server URL wget option for AP “keep alive” monitoring
  • Rearranged Advanced settings on Wireless page
  • Reduced DFS fake radar detection
  • Hided Management VLAN “Untagged radio” on CPE
  • Updated Brazil max TX power limits
  • Added fix to CPE when receiving corrupted beacon from AP
  • Improved devices robustness when flooding with small packets (64 bytes)
  • Site survey was using old frequency list after instant country change
  • Device won’t boot up after downgrade to x.78 if BD (Bangladesh) country code set
  • Instant management VLAN disable was not working
  • Fixed WDS stability issues
  • Fixed GUI stability issues
  • Fixed statistics issues
  • Fixed sometimes failing Firmware update
  • Fixed wireless mode change bug, when changing network mode from bridge to router
  • WNMS agent doesn’t respond to $eth0 placeholder
  • Fixed incorrect channel frequency display in site survey
  • Fixed non linear TX power control
  • Fixed UAM white-list/black-list issues
  • Fixed device lock when upgrading from 5.77 with country code DZ to new FW which doesn’t have 5GHz channels for DZ country code
  • Fixed VAP adding issues
  • Fixed problems getting Troubleshooting file on CPE when AP is missing
  • Fixed wnmsd issues downloading firmwares through HTTPS from *.wnmscloud.com
  • Fixed wnmsd issue with Ethernet usage statistics
What’s new in 5.80 firmware release
  • Added discoveryd control via GUI to prevent Atheros SDK WDS issues (only Station mode)
  • Added UAM support for APC-5M-V2 – all products have UAM now (Throughput up to 25Mb/s)
  • Added PPPoE reconnect modes: ‘On demand/Always on’
  • Added Power LED control for FWBD-0500 (APC-2M) during software Boot-up
  • Enabled MIMO fallkback to SISO
  • Added IGMP Snooping in AP bridge mode
  • Added LED threshold modes: “Lowest client signal” and “Connected clients count”
  • Ability to change a country code without a reset to defaults
  • “Comply” changed to “Installer radio test mode” and moved to “Administration” tab: allows to control DFS and max transmit power
  • APC-5M-V2 sends beacons via both antennas – helps to connect users with worse signal level
  • Both antennas can receive packets from end-user devices
  • WMM enabled by default when VAP is created
  • Auto WDS improvements when working with Atheros SDK WDS AP
  • Changed PPPoE default MTU value to 1492
  • Improved site survey scan to find all APs (scan results caching)
  • Changed password restore logic from backup configuration
  • Configurable auto channel list
  • New way to select an operating frequency in AP mode (pop-up table with more information about channel widths, DFS channels, MAX power, etc)
  • Limited SSID length to 31 symbol
  • Fix for Linux Intel wireless clients with “stalls” problem
  • Fixed discoveryd problem when it floods the network with packets while scanning with ubnt discovery tool
  • Fixed PPPoE Idle timeout (1-65535) and MTU (576-1492) ranges
  • Fixed mail send problem which hangs and locks alertd
  • PPPoE fixes, added auto reconnect on lost connection
  • Fixed BC/MC packets multiplication on AP in bridge. Important when AP works with Power saving clients.
  • Fixed NTP problem when disabling “save last known time” and enabling NTP server
  • Fixed false radar detection if DFS enabled
What’s new in 5.78-1 firmware release
  • Added BA window size control to STA GUI for station & station wds mode
  • Minimum transmit power 0 dbm
  • Added access to management VLAN over untagged radio (virtual interface)
  • Fixed maximum transmit power calculation on Slave/Station
  • Fixed 20MHz/SISO low throughput issue
  • Fixed bug at fs/proc/generic.c:732 remove_proc_entry()
  • Fixed LACP packets pass-through problem
  • Fixed DHCP client when bridge mode uses incorrect mac address
  • Fixed GUI when sometimes does not start DHCP client
What’s new in 5.78 firmware release
  • Vendor & distributor disclaimer (appears after every reset to factory defaults)
  • Added CT (Compliance Testing) country code, which disables all regulatory limits
  • LAN PoE tab instead of LED on FWBD-0120
  • Formula to calculate max EIRP for Canada and USA in 5725-5850 MHz
  • Additional TX power limits for 2 GHz products
  • Fixed iPoll problem when traffic stops being passed on Master.
  • Fixed IE8/9 problem which does not let to upgrade firmware
  • iPoll autotune enabled on Master radio by default (STA does not have “Tx queue lengt”)
  • GUI supports G/N mixed in IEEE mode list
  • Fixed Station WDS mode instead of Station because of wds.status=enabled in default configuration
  • Fixed message about VAP changes when iPoll is turned on
  • Added VLAN tagging support
  • Added Multiple BSSID support. GUI allows to create 3 Virtual AP’s
  • Added auto channel feature
  • Added MAC change feature on wireless and wired interfaces
  • Added GUI High contrast mode for easy devices outdoor configuration when sun is shining brightly
  • Added option to upload product file from GUI
  • Added delayed reboot feature (useful for configuring link remotely with instant changes)
  • Added ping tool
  • Added option to disable/enable SSH and option to change SSH port
  • Added new tab in Status section with ARP info (ARP table)
  • Added new tab in Status section with Routes info (Route table)
  • Added option to disable data rate fallback
  • Added option to control external LED’s (LAN, Power and RSSI LED is controlled separately)
  • Added DMZ feature for NAT’ed router mode. All incoming traffic which is not defined in Port forwarding rules is redirected to the defined IP
  • Added UPnP feature. DMZ and UPnP cannot work at the same time. If DMZ feature is enabled, UPnP is disabled.
  • Added option to limit traffic per IP in Access Point mode
  • Added option to change web page login username via GUI
  • Added Traceroute tool
  • Added DHCP leases statistics (only in router mode with DHCP server on LAN side)
  • Added option to enter IP alias
  • Added spaces support in WPA passphrase
  • Added option to change HTTP port
  • Added OpenVPN feature (no controls in GUI)
  • Added DNSMASQ service. Service will be enabled when DHCP server is ON and DNS server IP is the same as LAN IP
  • Added peer MAC information on GUI in CPE mode
  • Added worldwide regulatory domain database (DB) to driver (frequency and TX power limitations for each country)
  • Added option to limit TX power via product file
  • Added DFS support
  • Added WXEE support for calculating received signal level
  • Added WXEE support for getting TX power calibration information and max real output power
  • Added spectrum analyzer tool
  • Added option to set antenna Gain in GUI
  • Added option to change beacon radio parameters for faster TX power testing
  • Added Proprietary wireless protocol – iPoll
  • Added Adaptive modulation (Auto rate)
  • Added Intelligent Access Point Auto-WDS mode
  • Added Smart auto channel
  • Added A-MSDU support
  • Added Automatic TX power control (ATPC)
  • Added Device state information from WNMS agent
  • Added UAM (Web portal authentication) support for 2 GHz units working in router mode (Throughput up to 20Mb/s)
  • Added static routes in bridge mode
  • Added Wireless client L2 isolation
  • Added Reset tool support
  • Improved statistics showing in Status section. Statistics tab split into Network and Wireless tabs
  • Improved scan feature for Station mode in Configuration->Wireless tab. Pointing over desired SSID a tool-tip shows up with MAC, Signal level and Security info
  • Improved WDS mode: added support to connect to Ubiquity and Mikrotik devices with WDS mode enabled
  • Improved device branding during manufacturing. Added option to change default configuration file without FW upgrade
  • Improved internal instant changes handling algorithm
  • Improved site survey scanning result display time. Removed static waiting time, now waiting time depends on how many channels are scanned
  • Improved wireless ACL: GUI supports MAC masking feature
  • Improved Wireless statistics status information listing on WEB configuration page
  • Improved VLAN configuration: allows configuring management VLAN on the same radio interface which has the data VLAN
  • Improved Wireless ACL layout in GUI
  • Improved VAP radio interfaces layout in GUI
  • Improved Information | Wireless page tab in AP mode
  • Improved delayed reboot tool. Added remaining time till reboot indication
  • Improved performance in general
  • Improved maximum allowed wireless client count from 31 to 127
  • Improved ARP-NAT functionally by allowing to pass-through VLAN tagged traffic
  • Improved Smart “Scanned SSID” filtering in Configuration -> Wireless section
  • Improved configuration file version support
  • Reduced message max age for bridge network mode
  • Improved Ping tool: add packet size field validation
  • Improved static routes configuration
  • Improved statistics mechanism
  • Improved Comply regulations usability
  • Extended VAP count up to 7
  • Improved message when applying link settings
  • Improved error message when setting empty username or password
  • Improved PPPoE settings in status tab
  • Improved Spectrum analyzer in all products
  • Improved Static routes configuration
  • Improved Ebtables rules handling when peers are connected
  • Improved instant change failure timeout – increased to 40 seconds